Andrew Discusses Teen Suicide And Partying

Andrew recently visited Luzerne County Community College to give a crash course in Partying and to help launch a new nightlife app created by some LCCC alumni. The students thrived off of the energy. The ability to draw up such positive feelings is a truly admirable quality. With that in mind as well as the number of recent teen suicides in the area, Henry O’Hop, a communications student at LCCC, sat with Andrew with the hopes of gathering an uplifting message for depressed teens. Enjoy an excerpt of the article that was published in The Sunday Dispatch below and continue reading here.

As one who claims to have struggled with depression himself, Andrew suggests finding a positive way to channel those feelings. “Go for the big and go for the crazy. Remember times that were great and that it wasn’t a fluke to feel that good.”

He stated that it’s ok to feel the way we feel, and not to let that pull us down too. He recalls times of being depressed then being mad for being depressed making himself feel even worse, which is an occurrence most could relate to.

Bullying being the cause-in-focus of teen depression was a topic he shared points on and ways he finds best to deal with it. He shared that he himself was bullied and that he didn’t let it eat at him. In fact, he found ways for it to fuel him in his life as a form of motivation.

“It’s about harnessing every emotion that comes at you, whether it’s love or hate,” he said.

In his experience, he decided to write music that would appeal to not just the people he got along with but his bullies as well, in an attempt to help everyone find common ground and encourage finding ways to get along and confide within each other.

Andrew said something very inspirational as well; he said he doesn’t hate those he couldn’t reach even if they sought only to hurt him. “The ones who are the loudest and the most aggressive are often the most frightened.”

He finds himself to feel sorry for them instead, shedding light on the fact that the victims of the taunting are often not the only ones going through torment.

The infamous partier also left us with a party tip for someone down in the dumps. “Force yourself to smile when you are down. Laughter and smiling is like a magical potion, anything that could put a smile on your face is an incredible tool to make you feel good.”

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