Andrew Dicusses Bronies

Andrew recently spoke to Pigeons and Planes about his experience at Canterlot Gardens and what the indie music scene can learn from the magic of My Little Pony. Enjoy an excerpt below and continue reading the full article here.

While a hearty creative fire may be necessary to create compelling music, it can be quickly doused if there is no community to accept and nurture it. The second defining element of the brony fandom is its tradition of acceptance. This acceptance extends not just to all those obsessed with the show, but also to outsiders interested in engaging with the community. Andrew W.K. found this out firsthand when he spoke at the My Little Pony convention “Canterlot Gardens” in 2012.

Andrew W.K. was unsure how his speech would go, as he’d previously experienced niche groups where much of the excitement seemed to come from the exclusivity of the club. There was none of that with the bronies. He was taken aback by their level of enthusiasm and open-mindedness. “No one was there with questions to try to trip me up. No one was trying to put me on the spot in a way that would make me uncomfortable. It seemed like almost the main goal everyone had for me was to feel welcome. They want to share the way they’re feeling with other people. They want other people to feel that good.” After Andrew W.K. gave his speech about Pinkie Pie, a pony from the show he identified as sharing his “good cheer, high energy, and desire to party,” to celebrate “not being dead,” he asked if he could be an honorary brony. The bronies wouldn’t have any of it. They told him there was no such thing as an honorary brony, that he was “just a brony.” “They wouldn’t even accept the idea that anyone would be left out if they wanted to be part of this,” Andrew W.K. says.

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Andrew has spoken in the past of his support for the growing “Brony” sub-culture which is the unexpected male obsession with My Little Pony and “Friendship Is Magic,” and gave a lecture on partying called “What Would Pinkie Pie Do?