Andrew Co-Hosts Marky Ramone’s Punk Rock Blitzkrieg Radio Show On SiriusXM!

For many years now, legendary Ramones drummer, Marky Ramone, has hosted his own weekly radio show called “Punk Rock Blitzkrieg” on the Faction 41 channel of SiriusXM satellite radio. The show features the punk icon taking listeners on a high-energy trip through the full history of punk music, including classic songs to brand new tracks. Of course, there are also plenty of Ramones songs in the mix!

On Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 and Saturday, May 4th, Andrew co-hosted special episodes with Marky, where they played some of their favorite punk songs and talked about their upcoming world tour together.

In case you didn’t know, Marky Ramone invited Andrew to be his new lead singer for his Blitzkrieg band! Andrew will be singing 34 Ramones songs with Marky on drums! They have a world tour booked and are preparing to bring the world tons of fun with through the magic of the best rock music ever made! Click HERE for the complete tour dates!