Andrew Celebrates Beastie Boys’ “License to Ill” Album

Andrew spoke to Red Bull Music about the celebratory party spirit of the Beastie Boy’s “Licensed to Ill” record.

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“‘Fight for Your Right (to Party)’ paved the way for me and for many other people to sing, in a very straightforward nature, about this kind of celebratory attitude. I think that all other songs that mention the word ‘party’ owe an extraordinary debt and gratitude to that song. And even though they’re much more specific about and more detailed in their lyrics about what partying [means] to them, just the fact that they acknowledge this word as a verb really.

There’s definitely a call to arms/group chant/sense of camaraderie to the Beastie Boys song. Again, I can’t really imagine having been able to do what I do in my very small way if that song didn’t exist. It’s a fantastic use of guitar and a more rap-oriented delivery but it sort of transcends both rap and rock music — and it’s an anthem. [‘Fight for Your Right (to Party)’ is] a song that people who might not even consider themselves fans of the Beastie Boys [know and love]; it’s a song that transcends genres and age groups.

It’s also quite a strange song — the rhythmic delivery of that chorus with its dropouts and the way the drum till comes back in — it’s not easy to sing along with and instead of that turning people off, it keeps people on their toes always trying to figure out how that kicks in. I still don’t understand it in the best way. It’s like wanting to be able to learn this little part of a song that’s just impossible to learn for some reason. There’s something quite mysterious and magical about the music within this deceptively simple song. And I think that, again, it makes something like my very pathetic attempt to add to that party cannon — I guess pun intended — even more humbling because they’ve done something that even as familiar as it is, it remains fresh and new and challenging and strange.”

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