Andrew At ECNY Awards

Andrew was invited to be a special guest presenter at New York City’s ECNY Awards, recognizing New York’s best comedians. Andrew presented the award for “Best Emerging Comic” to Joe Mande. Joe says:

“By far, the best moment of the night – if not my life – was when the category for Emerging Comic was presented by the famous bloodied-nose rocker Andrew W.K. It was unreal. He gave a short, heart-felt speech about his love for comedy and and the entire comedy community as a whole. Then he opened the envelope and read my name. It will remain as one of my most special memories for as long as my brain still works.”

Although Andrew has never officially been a comedian, he’s grateful for the NYC comedy community embracing him, and relates to the way comedians create joy for their audience. Andrew says:

“I admire anyone who takes the risk of going up and performing for strangers, and making those strangers feel like friends. It’s a vulnerable position to put yourself in, and I’m inspired by that sort of courage.”