Andrew And National Geographic Send Out World’s First Extraterrestial Party Invite!

On June 29th, 2012, Andrew W.K. sent a video message into outer space as part of The WOW! Reply organized by The National Geographic Channel in response to the unexplained 72-second long signal received from outer space in 1977.This signal has been known thereafter as The WOW! Signal.

Andrew was approached to deliver an intergalactic message of goodwill and good times. In his video he offers to act as an emissary for earth’s “Party Hard!” lifestyle and will probably be the first human to display full head-banging to extraterrestrials. Andrew’s video will join the videos of other select notable figures like Stephen Colbert, Ms. Universe, Leila Lopes, and actor, Jorge Garcia (LOST, Alcatraz) to be beamed into outer space on August 15th, 2012 (the official 35th anniversary of The WOW! Signal).

Twitter followers were also invited to send tweets #chasingUFOs by June 29th, which will also be beamed into outer space.