Andrew and Diplo Teach the Ways of the World to MTV Hive

Last month, Dos Equis beer gathered “4 Lawsonia inermis tattooists, 5 exotic birds of prey, 2,109 bejeweled disguises, 13 legendary creatures, 4 daring capoeira dancers, 189 entomophagy delicacies, 6 beautiful Bollywood temptresses, 1 living canvas, 5 fearless Chinese acrobats,” and one splendiferous Diplo under the resplendent roof of the old Masonic temple on West 24th Street.

MTV Hive recalls that the neatest thing by far was when fun aficionado Andrew W.K. appeared to lend his blessing to the proceedings.

Clad in his customary party whites, Mr. W.K. popped up on the balcony of the grand Venetian ballroom around 11PM with a kingly wave, hyping up the crowd as a march full of pomp and circumstance replaced the dubstep that had been playing a moment before. He took his seat at the gorgeous old pipe organ, which the Internet and common sense tell me is really difficult to play, and without batting an eyelash behind his sunglasses busted out with the most magnificent version of “Party Hard” the world had ever heard. And the academy went wild.

After he finished, I chased him over to a stairwell to ask how playing the organ had felt. “There are so many feelings running through me right now,” he enthused. “I’m overwhelmed and overstuffed. I’m gonna apply the power I absorbed tonight to many future years of partying.” Had he done much organ playing in the past? “Not like that, and certainly not at a Masonic lodge, and not just any Masonic lodge, but New York City!”

He continued: “As I understand it, this is the first time this Masonic lodge has ever allowed a party like this to happen here. Masons are hard partiers — that’s where they get a lot of their power. The fact they let us in here is a testament to their partying ability.”

What was his favorite part of the shindig? “Everything! Getting to be with Diplo is a pleasure, he’s a very kind, very party gentleman. He’s excited to be playing beats in such a mystical, magical place.” Chalk it up to the man’s infectious energy, but for a moment, I thought I had an answer to my initial question.