Andrew & Aleister X Present NEW MIXTAPE! 29 TRACKS! FREE DOWNLOAD!


On BLACK FRIDAY, November 25th, 2011, Andrew W.K. and his deep dark friend, ALEISTER X, announced the release of a special MIXTAPE, available now for FREE download (while supplies last). Click HERE to get the mixtape right now! The mixtape is called “BLACK SKULL MUSIC MIXTAPE VOL. 1”.

The new release features 29 brand new tracks of raw, underground, very particular music. Aleister and Andrew worked very hard on creating an exciting atmosphere of rap and fear. The two friends have been working on music together for the past five years, and the mixtape is leading up to even more new recordings.

The “Black Skull Music Mixtape” features many special guests, including David Tibet (of Current 93), Neil Hamburger, Robert Florence (of the BBC’s “Burnistoun” TV show), Jerry (of Bad Brilliance), plus a very special recording of Bob Dylan’s song, “Serve Somebody”, featuring Aleister and Andrew trading off on vocals. The release was executive produced by Andrew W.K.

The mixtape was released on this day, as Aleister and Andrew begin a three show party blowout club tour across British Columbia, Canada. Click HERE for more!

Aleister X is also working with Andrew on a new remix for Steve Aoki and Dim Mak! STAY TUNED!