Andrew Accused of Mugging 60 Year Old Man

Andrew W.K. has allegedly brutally attacked and robbed a 60 year old man at a NYC restaurant.


When this story first broke on May 31st, 2012, it wasn’t entirely clear what happened with Andrew and an anonymous elderly man. As reported here, band members Justin Beck and Daryl Palumbo of the metalcore group Glassjaw, reportedly saw Andrew W.K. mug a 60 year old man in an Indonesian restaurant in New York City last month.

The entire account was reported on Beck’s official website, where the encounter with a “roadie looking motherf*cker” was explained in detail. Andrew was accused of blasting rock music on his cellular phone while eating a bowl of soup. Allegedly, when asked by a 60-year old man to turn his music down, Andrew attacked him and proceeded to mug him. Andrew confirmed that several punches were thrown as tables were over turned and dishes were broken. Several bystanders and a waiter eventually intervened, but by that time Andrew had fled and the senior citizen had already suffered several blows to his face, shattering his glasses and causing severe bleeding.

Beck, who was eating in the restaurant at the time of the attack, and texting bandmate Daryl, who was on his way to meet up, was the first to realize that the “Dirty roadie” was actually Andrew W.K. (see the iPhone screen shots of his realization below)

Soon after this report went public, Andrew denied that he attacked the man, and repeatedly explained that he never mugged him. Since the denial, Andrew and Beck have both agreed that this was another case of an Andrew W.K. look-alike being mistaken for the real Andrew W.K.

NEW INFORMATION: On Monday, June 25, 2012, new information was released on the follow-up investigation and from the restaurant further implicating Andrew in the mugging. During the initial attack, Beck and Palumbo had used their mobile phones to look up a photograph of Andrew W.K.’s buttocks, in order to compare tattoos and confirm whether or not the attacker was actually Andrew. After the initial accusations, Andrew had denied that he had any tattoos on his body, saying: “I don’t have any tattoos on my ass”. Andrew was then asked by all parties involved to return to the scene of the mugging so the victim and the employees of the restaurant could confirm him as the attacker. Andrew refused to show up and has since been consulting with local authorities and his own council. Andrew says:

“I never mugged that man and even if I did, he wasn’t hurt. He shouldn’t have said anything about my music or my hair. I wasn’t doing anything wrong and I never was at the restaurant in question. People need to stop saying that there’s a fake Andrew W.K. or some look-alike out there. This is an old rumor that has just gotten out of hand over many years of gossip. I don’t confirm or deny that these guys saw something happen, but I AM the real Andrew W.K. Period.”

Beck concluded his report with, “I was so bummed because when we toured with him he always seemed eccentric but, like, friendly. He seemed like a weirdo…”