All About Andrew’s Love For Nachos

Who woudn’t want to eat nachos with John Waters? Andrew talks with Nachos NY about future projects, life and the ultimate party food, nachos! When asked which 5 people he would most like to eat nachos with, Andrew unknowingly crafts what very well could be the greatest nacho dinner party the planet has ever seen…

Which 5 people living or dead would you like to eat nachos with?

I’d like to see if John Waters is into nachos. I’d be curious, he seems like he might like them. Maybe along that same line, someone he would also enjoy at the dinner would be Karl Lagerfeld. I kind of imagine that Karl wouldn’t necessarily want nachos as one of his top choices, but I think if John Waters was there to make him feel comfortable he would be happy. But he wears gloves a lot so he might need to eat nachos with a fork, I’ve done that before I think it’s very fun. I guess we want to invite … Rosie Perez. The important thing at a dinner party is making sure its not just who you like, but you also want to make sure your guests enjoy each others company. I think think she would really get along with the other two and I think they would really like her. I also kind of assume my wife gets to come with me in addition to the other 5 people, and I know that she would have a blast with Rosie Perez. 2 others to round it out, Kevin from The Office. (Brian Baumgartner). He comes from the world of entertainment and he seems pretty happy. For my last guest, I would pick Dick Cheney. I’ve wanted to meet him for a long time. I would love to talk with him. It’s hard to imagine him eating nachos. I wonder how he would handle himself at that table.

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