Aleister X’s Special Poplist Feature

From the Japanese J-Pop/metal hybrid, Baby Metal, to the British docudrama TV show, Banged Up Abroad, Allmusic’s Poplist gets a look into the things that make Aleister X’s blood pump. They also get the lowdown on his debut album “Half-Speed Mastered” which is out now on iTunesAmazon US, and Amazon UK. Enjoy an excerpt below and keep reading here.

Aleister X is a mysterious, deeply weird artist/producer/performer whose music mixes up elements of rap, pop, dub, punk and whatever else he can find into something that’s hilarious, catchy, and like nothing else you’re likely to hear anytime soon. His debut album Half Speed Mastered is out next week on fellow weirdo Andrew WK’s Steev Mike label and in Aleister’s own words….“it’s meant to be a contemporary L.A. noir love affair. I love the Hollywood dark-side-of- Tinseltown vibe as well as the iconic images of bungalows, canyon houses, swimming pools and cars, weirdos, the “Boogie Nights” to “Bang Bus”-era porn industry, and Rad Culture – surfing, skateboarding, beach culture, punk, surf rock, stoner rock, west coast rap, rock and psychedelia; all the cool Southern California shit.” Perfect! We asked the man himself to send us a few things he’s been getting into lately.

Baby Metal
This is the newest shit in Tokyo. Combining J-Pop and modern metal, Baby Metal are 3 early teen girls dancing and singing to a technical metal band. This is why Japanese pop culture still rules. Gangnam style can suck it.

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