Aleister X “THE GIT”

International man of misery, ALEISTER X releases his highly-anticipated follow up to last year’s debut, BANGERS & BEANS with THE GIT EP October 12, 2010 (UK- 10/11).

Order your copy HERE on iTunes and HERE on now! Aleister X loves the Internet, check him on Twitter , Myspace , Facebook , YouTube , and Soundcloud.

The EP will be released on Andrew W.K.’s – STEEV MIKE label and will feature the single “On Your Feet”. The music video for “On Your Feet”, Directed by Andrew Strasser (Andrew W.K., Larry Tee, Girl Talk) was a collaborative effort by CREAM DREAM TEAM, which involves Strasser as well as Director of Photography Jon Hokanson and styling and set dressing by Heidi Lee and Toto Feldman.

On October 7th Self-Titled Magazine world premiered the “On Your Feet“ video. In addition, Self-Titled is currently premiering an exclusive sneak-peek, behind-the-scenes webisode featuring Aleister X in the recording studio with a mixed cast of characters touching on what went into the making of THE GIT and the video; including a stream of the track. See and hear it HERE!

Born in Goa, raised by Brit ex-pats in a proto-trance commune called Tollinger Lane, and currently dividing his time between Kingston, Brooklyn and Tokyo, Aleister X is a world traveler in his own mind, a lone wanderer with a rain cloud hanging perpetually over his head. THE GIT descends further into the gloom of Aleister X as he haunts pubs, clubs, beach bars and lidos, a bad vibe in search of a good time.

Aleister X recently took part in an art exhibition in Massachusetts featuring other artists including Peter Glantz, Chiara Giovando, Kianja Strobert as well as Andrew W.K., check it out HERE!