ADVICE: My Religious Family Thinks I Drink Too Much

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April 2nd, 2014

Dear Andrew,

My entire family are teetotaling religious types who never tasted a drop of liquor or tried a single drug. They even find dancing offensive. Well, I drink, and just last week they had an intervention on my behalf. Now they’ve got me thinking I may have a problem. I’ve never missed a day of work due to drinking. I pay my bills and keep up with all my responsibilities. But I do drink at least a six pack or more every day. Do I drink too much, or can I just do what I like since I’ve never run into any problems with it?

– Poppin’ a Top

Dear Poppin’ a Top,

You can always do what you like, even if you do run into problems with it. The question is, what do you really want to do?

When it comes to personal pleasure, whether harmful to you or not, it should ultimately be up to you to decide how you live your life. As you’ve seen with your family, there are lots of people who get off on telling other people what to do. It’s not enough for them to think for themselves — they want to think for other people too. It’s probably because it helps them feel more secure in their choices if they can inflict their ideas and standards on others. We see this not just with family and friends, but also in institutions, workplace dynamics, and most of all, the government. Some people just really think they know better, and they think they’re helping us when they try to outlaw or control certain stuff — everything from large sodas to what kind of sex people can have.

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