ADVICE: I’m Self-Councious About My Body

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February, 27th, 2014

Hey, Andrew!

Here’s the problem: I’m losing my hair. I’m really self-conscious about it. I tried shaving my head but it doesn’t look good and I’m tired of wearing a hat everywhere. I don’t have beautiful, long flowing hair like you. What should I do?

– Hair Envy

Dear Hair Envy,

First of all, losing your hair isn’t really a “problem” – it’s a situation.

It seems like you have three options in dealing with the situation, since it can’t really be “solved” like a math problem… 1. Wear a wig, 2. Get hair transplants, or 3., Embrace this aspect of your body and move on to more exciting and important parts of your life.

I can understand how losing one’s hair can be traumatic. It’s associated with aging and change, and it’s often connected to ideas about what traditionally “looks good” and is sexually attractive in many cultures. But perhaps it’s also completely meaningless. How you look is simultaneously the most important and least important thing about you. I can think of dozens of people that are balding who look fantastic and have made it an integral part of who they are, or rather, haven’t allowed something like “hair” to define them, let alone to take away from their appeal otherwise.

I’m sure you can think of people who are bald and awesome, and as we admire them it’s hard to even imagine them having a full head of hair. But regardless, there’s a bigger opportunity here — a way to challenge yourself and embrace this cosmetic shifting for all it’s worth. It’s similar to someone wishing they were taller. Or someone wishing their skin was a different color. Or someone wishing they had different eyes.

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