ADVICE: How Do I Stop Obsessing Over Little Stuff?

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February, 27th, 2014

Dear Andrew,

I have serious trouble letting things go. For instance, I sold my first truck over two years ago and I still can’t stop thinking about it and wondering if I should’ve kept it. And today, someone threw a bottle at my girlfriend’s car, so I reacted by chucking some orange drink at them. Now, hours later, it’s still bothering me. What advice can you give me on clearing my mind and letting things go?

– Cluttered Mind

Dear Cluttered Mind,

Nearly everyone wakes up everyday with a sense that something is wrong. And oftentimes, the something that feels wrong is hard to place. It could feel like something’s missing inside of them or in their life, or that they did something wrong or messed up in some way. Or, most often of all, that there’s just an indefinable sense of uneasiness about life in general.

This feeling that something is wrong can be quite strong in some people and can generate strong reactions. In other people, the feeling is very, very subtle. But it seems just about everyone has some version of this feeling, and many of us stick with the idea that this feeling is a sign of something being not-right with us specifically. In actuality, this feeling that something is wrong is actually the one and only thing that’s actually right.

That feeling is the feeling of being alive itself.

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