ADVICE: How Do I Find A Best Friend?

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February, 26th, 2014

Hello, Andrew!

I wish I had a best friend. I do have friends, but I want a best friend. You are my number one inspiration for happiness. How do I get a best friend?

– One Man Wolf Pack

Dear One Man Wolf Pack,

You already have a best friend, and he cares about you more than anyone else ever could–yourself!

You’re already your own best friend! Realizing this, and truly getting closer to yourself, is one of the most important and endlessly valuable efforts you can make. Of course, it’s great to have other friends who aren’t yourself, but as you’ve already seen, friends can come and go, and it’s hard to find someone that you can truly call your “best” friend for life.

That’s where being friends with yourself comes in! Most people only ever have a few very, very close friends that remain with them for their whole lives anyway. It seems as we move through life, we move through friendships and other relationships. That doesn’t mean these various people aren’t important to us, just means we shouldn’t put too much stress on having to always have a “best friend.”

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