ADVICE: Headbanging Is An Art

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January 14th, 2015

Dear Andrew,

While you’ve touched on some more serious issues—there’s one issue that’s been on my mind for some time. Sometimes when I’m partying, I feel the need to headbang. I must do it! The release I get from headbanging brings me a lot of joy, but there’s one major problem… I always end up getting a sore neck afterwards! Am I headbanging wrong or am I just partying too hard?

Yours truly,
The Wolf

Dear The Wolf,

You’re not headbanging incorrectly or partying too hard—instead, you’re probably not headbanging or partying hard enough.

You see, headbanging is an art-form, and just like painting or ballet, it requires dedication, practice, and above all, a level of enthusiasm and passion that emerges from the soul and travels through the body. That passion enables you to rise to the heights required for mastery of the art. Headbanging also requires a large amount of letting-go and a willingness to turn one’s self over to the exhilaration of just letting your body move you, instead of you always moving your body.

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Photo by Rick Day