ADVICE: Embrace the Awkwardness of Hugging

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January 21st, 2015


Today is National Hugging Day. Would you please hug me?


Dear HJ,

I am hugging you. Right now. Despite what some people might believe, it is possible to actually hug someone just using your mind. I’m giving you a mental hug right at this very moment. And as you read each of these words, you’ll feel my presence wrapping and cuddling around you. I’m conjuring up every ounce of joy, compassion, care, affection, respect, tenderness, and unconditional love that I have, and bundling you up inside of it. Can you feel it?

This type of hug can be even better than a physical arm-based hug. This mental hug enrobes your soul with pure comfort and soothing care from within. This psychic hug encases your inner self with a glowing warmth. This kind of hug can reach you when my physical arms can’t, and it can stay with you for a long time — longer than even the strongest arms could keep squeezing. This is a hug that you feel from the inside out. This is a hug that you can wear like a second interior skin — it shelters your very essence and defends you from harm.

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Photo by Rick Day