A.W.K. Down Under Excitement Updates!

Andrew and his band flew Down Under and partied really hard! The crowd was excited! It was a fine summer time packed in with sweaty dancing and shouting! Big Day Out means going all the way!

Browse some of these articles, interviews, and previews on Andrew’s concerts in Australia and New Zealand! We’ll be updating and adding on to the list below as press comes in, so come back for more!

WA Today

Live concert review from the RebNotBec blog

“I headed to Andrew WK. A few of my pals had gone to see him and Barbarion the night before, and I had sadly been unable to attend (being that I’m in SAVING MODE for South America, I’m limiting the amount of gigs I attend). Again, I noted with interest the very different crowd in attendance. Very different from both the crowd at Little Red and The Greenhornes. 95% of the crowd was male, almost all dressed in various shades of black. One had his face painted as the Joker, one was wearing army camouflage shit, complete with netting and fake leaves/shrubbery. He was wasted, and yelling. This was a crowd I felt much more at home in, more so than the wannabe hip teens. Ah, relief.”

“For the uninitiated with Andrew Wilkes-Krier, his music is of the metallic variety, and his subject matter includes not only Partying, but also having Fun and living for the moment/fun/today/the party/getting ready to die. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that his set was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time. It was also probably the sweatiest I’ve ever been (that’s not an exaggeration). Andrew WK appeared onstage wearing a battered and sweaty white singlet and white jeans, looking as if he’d already been partying in the sun for some time. His wife Cherie also was a part of the show, wearing a PARTY HARD PARTY HARD top over her fitness gear, assisting AWK in whipping the crowd into a frenzy along with his burly, bearded bandmates. Sure, most of his songs sound alarmingly similar, but I don’t much care. Andrew WK is pretty much the epitome of charisma, a consummate frontman. Incidentally, he’s also drop-dead gorgeous. Never a lull in energy, one song would end to his yells of “MELBOURNE, ARE YOU READY TO PARTY?!?!” or “IT’S TIME TO PARTY!” or “GET THAT CIRCLE GOING AGAIN! I WANT TO SEE THAT CIRCLE!”. Speaking of which, I wanted so much to be in that circle pit…rather regretting not throwing myself in. At any rate, it was incredible, head banging, fist pumping, lose-a-few-kilos-in-sweat fun. I felt like I’d just had sex and was in need of a cigarette.”

“His set ended and I turned to my little brother. “HOLY FUCK.” He exclaimed.”

“I KNOW, RIGHT? FUCK!” was my response.

I immediately headed over to a refreshment stand to buy some water (my bottle had been lost in the Fun). Standing in line, a young woman about my age turned to me.

“Were you just at Andrew WK?” she asked.

“Yeah, definitely.” I replied breathlessly.

“Ah, no wonder.” She said, grinning. “That’s why you’re smiling so much!”

I laughed, “My god, that was fun!”

“I know! I think everyone coming from that stage has a giant smile on their face!”

Pretty accurate, I think.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

“Although he’s previously been to Australia twice, it was the first — and eagerly welcomed — New Zealand visit for America’s pied piper of “party”, Andrew W. K. Dressed in trademark all-white T-shirt and jeans and ear-to-ear grin, he led his band — which included three guitarists and his toned-up wife on backing vocals and action moves — through a set of older and newer material. Still, it was his party anthems from his 2001 album I Get Wet, such as It’s Time To Party, Party Hard and Party til You Puke that sent the crowd into a frenzy. And the excitement was mutual; at one point W. K. banged his head so enthusiastically he lost his balance and fell off the stage onto the grass below. He recovered quickly with a tumble roll and grin before leaping back up on stage and later crowd surfing during his final song Party Hard.” – The Sydney Morning Herald

Check out this stellar review from The Vine of the Sydney show HERE and read below:

“There’s going to be a lot of words devoted to Andrew W.K. because he is pretty much the saviour of this festival. Already having heard great thing from my colleagues up north, I convince a whole bunch of friends who hate glam-metal to check the guy out, and even they can’t wipe the smile off their faces. Yeah, four guitarists is probably overkill, and every song about partying may seem like a frat-boy’s inside joke, but that’s exactly what going to a festival is about. W.K., fearsomely loud and stupidly happy, delivers a knockout performace that includes lots of ‘Yeahs!’, exaggerated fist-pumping and this back-up dancer (Cherie Lily) who has all the black-clad barrier-clingers gasping for air. She’s so sexy she should have her own show, and when combined with the full metal racket of W.K’s grizzled band, the whole things comes off a bit like a WWE tag-team spectacular. Which is great, because I hated that whole wrestling fad, but I fucking love this.” “Despite losing his body weight in sweat, Andrew storms the Lilypad less than an hour later to fudge and laugh his way through a whole swag of classics (Journey, AC/DC, Beatles) on his piano to a ravenous crowd, some of whom get on stage to join him. As he signs off at the end of his second stint, ‘None of us are dead yet; now is the time to take advantage of that fact!’ If he ever starts a church, there will be a lot of converts from today’s performance.” – Jonno Seidler

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