8 Blood Pumping Songs with Andrew W.K.

8 Tracks with Andrew W.K. | By Cady Colosimo | Band Bombshell

It’s been nearly 15 years since Andrew W.K.’s “Party Hard” was released, effectively capturing the spirit of the new millennium and becoming an instant classic. Since then Andrew, the self-proclaimed (and well earned) King of Partying has been quite busy. He’s put out a few more of his own albums, produced albums for others, dabbled in motivational speaking, and broke the Guinness World Record for “longest drum session in a retail store.” Now the king will be bringing his high-energy, high-fun act and music knowledge to Des Moines.

You can catch Andrew and several other music industry figures speaking Saturday, October 17th at the State Historical Building as part of the Des Moines Music Coalition’s annual Music University. You can also see the King of Partying in action when he performs at the Vaudeville Mews that night. To get you in the spirit of The DMMC’s MU, and as an exclusive for Band Bombshell, Andrew has graciously handpicked eight songs that are sure to get your blood plumping.

A New Level // Pantera

It’s an inspiring and motivating message in its main chorus lyrics about reaching a new level of confidence and power. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to experience those things. I certainly would like to reach a new level of confidence and power. Beyond that there’s a lot of excitement in the incredible guitar playing and the incredible drumming, the fantastic bass playing, and of course the incredible singing. It’s a really great example of what Pantera did so well, which is create a very, very energizing sensation.

Betrayed by Life // Hatebreed

This is a good follow-up to Pantera. It’s also a very energizing song with extremely engaging and physically motivating riffs. A song like this comes on and it makes your body have power. I don’t see how it would be possible to feel drowsy or low energy while listening to a song like this, at least for me. I’ve turned to Hatebreed for many years now in order to feel that sort of incredible power. To me it’s not an angry feeling, if it is anger it’s the happiest anger you could feel. It’s just pure energy.

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Photo by Rachael Wright