50 Party Tips With Andrew W.K.

5/1/09 Los Angeles Destroy Build Destroy Cast Andrew WK Photographer: Jeremy Freeman/CN

It’s never too early to party, and with the weekend just around the corner, Pigeons & Planes decided it was in their readers best interest to arm them with the best party advice on the planet, staight from the party king himself. 50 highlights of Andrew’s most recent party tips are now available to peruse in all their glory right HERE! Enjoy a few select tips below and continue on to the full 50.

“PARTY TIP: Whenever you see the word PARTY, PARTYING, PARTIER, or PARTIEST, it’s a good omen from me to you. It means my spirit is inside your soul.” – Andrew W.K.

“PARTY TIP: Sometimes nothing’s more important than jacking off.” – Andrew W.K.

“PARTY TIP: Dance! Prance! Jig! Trot! Do everything! Faster! Now! Go! Gallop! Move! Jig! Jig! Jig! Do it faster! Now!” – Andrew W.K.