5 Questions Party Edition with Andrew for xojane

Andrew recently hung out with Brittany from xojane for “The Same Five Questions We Always Ask.” Andrew talks about why he kicked himself in the face in pursuit of partying, why he chooses to perceive time as nonlinear, and gushes about how every day he spends with his wife, Cherie Lily, is amazing. Enjoy an excerpt below and click HERE to continue reading!

xojane is Jane Pratt’s newest endeavor, after having revolutionized women’s pop culture with the magazines Sassy and Jane.

It seems like you’re having fun all the time. Is that true?

Yes. I’m certainly working toward having fun at all times. So even in moments when I’ve been vomiting for example, I don’t know that it’s been fun, but it’s been the result of working toward fun. Injuries aren’t necessarily fun, but all the efforts or discomforts or mood swings are all about trying to push toward fun at all times.