10 Times Andrew W.K. Gave the Best Advice

10 Times Andrew W.K. Gave the Best Advice | The Village Voice

Every week, New York City’s own Andrew W.K. takes your life questions and sets you safely down the right path to a solution, a purpose, or — no surprise here — a party.

This year Andrew W.K. gave some phenomenal advice to folks in need of a little guidance — whether it was about shaking some bad karma and how to #PartyPositive or tackling bigotry and depression. Here are some of his most-read advice columns from 2015.

10. Ask Andrew W.K.: How Can I Shake My Bad Karma?

Dear Andrew W.K.,

I work at a used-car dealership where I’m forced to rip people off. It’s killing my spirit a little bit every day. I wish I could be making the world a better place, but instead, I’m spending sixty hours a week selling snake oil and gypsy tears to poor unsuspecting people. How do I dig myself out of this situation and reverse all of the bad karma?

Killing My Karma

Andrew W.K.: I urge you to consider that you’ve actually been building up good karma for many years, and that this good karma is now revealing itself to you in an urgent form of undeniable instinct. It’s an inner voice presenting you with a new type of clarity — an overwhelming sense of moral integrity, a pressure — which is making it virtually impossible for you to go on living against the principles which you know in your heart to be right. Read the rest of Andrew W.K.’s advice to Killing My Karma…

9. Ask Andrew W.K.: How Can I Regain My Confidence?

Dear Andrew W.K.,

To put it simply, I’ve lost my confidence. I used to be able to wake up in the morning knowing who I was, feeling sure of myself and ready to take on the world… I just want to be confident again and know who I am. I’ve lost my way and don’t know how to get back my old self.

Your friend,
Lost Along the Way

Andrew W.K.: I’m someone who has never felt very confident in that typical outgoing way, but I also never really believed I had to feel confident in order to do something I wanted to do. I realized I could be confident without feeling confident. I had many of the same misconceptions that people who were confident inside always felt brave and strong. I think now it doesn’t really matter if we feel confident or not. What matters is what we actually do, regardless of how scared we may feel. That’s where this deeper type of confidence starts to develop — the confidence to live your life, even when you don’t feel particularly self-assured or bold. Read the rest of Andrew W.K.’s advice to Lost Along the Way…

8. Ask Andrew W.K.: I’m a Shoplifter

Dear Andrew W.K.,

I’ve never really shoplifted before, but yesterday I accidentally stole a T-shirt from a big retail chain… Now I have this T-shirt that I feel like I accidentally stole, but I also feel like it was kind of the store’s fault for not noticing it. It’s a huge chain store, so it’s not like this one shirt is going to hurt them too much. Is it fine to just keep it? I feel weird about it.

Accidental Shoplifter

Andrew W.K.: My personal advice for you is based on this same mindset: Go return the T-shirt. And be glad you didn’t have to get mugged in order to realize that stealing from others is bad. It’s just a T-shirt, and the big retailer might not ever notice or even care, but you do care. You cared enough to actually write me about it. That’s because this isn’t just about a T-shirt. This is about your own perception of yourself — your own principles, your own integrity, your own sense of order, and your own idealized view of the world. Once you start letting that slide too much, you slowly start to lose sense of yourself — your self-image slowly erodes — and you expect less of yourself and of others, and we all gradually fall further from our true potential as truly good beings. Read the rest of Andrew W.K.’s advice to Accidental Shoplifter…

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