In addition to producing his own music on the albums "I GET WET", "THE WOLF", "CLOSE CALLS WITH BRICK WALLS", "MOTHER OF MANKIND", "55 CADILLAC" as well as other ANDREW W.K. releases, including the "WHO KNOWS?" live concert DVD, Andrew has also contributed to the production and mixing of other artist's music.

"I avoided working with other people for many years, partly out of paranoia, and partly out of an earnest desire to stand on my own. After a while, I got tired of thinking that way, and it just seemed natural to do the opposite of what I had done before: like making music with other people. I can still make music by myself too."

In 2007, Andrew began formally working with other musicians in an effort to follow his passion for excitement and intensity through all means available. Since then, he's worked on music with New York rock group, Sightings; ground-breaking anti-genre collective, To Live And Shave In LA; legendary dub and reggae pioneer, Lee "Scratch" Perry; dark-vibe solo master, Aleister X; legendary Michigan power-electronics group, Wolf Eyes; dance aerobics wonder-woman, Cherie Lily; one-of-a-kind pianist and vocalist, Baby Dee; as well as numerous remixes and guest appearances.

--- BABY DEE --- Odds are you've probably heard Andrew talk about Baby Dee, one of Andrew's all time favorite musicians. Baby Dee is a pianist, harpist, organist, accordionist, and singer, and creates some of the most stunning, timeless, and beautifully glorious music you will ever hear. Andrew says: "In my opinion, Baby Dee is perfect music. Just the absolute epitome of beauty and joy and emotion and everything about life and beyond. It has been the most incredible privilege getting to make this album with her. It was a dream of mine to work with her, ever since I first heard her music years ago. This new album is a miracle." The album is called "Regifted Light" and was recorded live in Cleveland, Ohio, inside Baby Dee's home, using Andrew's Steinway D concert grand piano (the same piano Andrew used to record his "55 Cadillac" album). "Regifted Light" was released on March 22nd, 2011 by the Drag City label. Click HERE for more. Click HERE to go to Baby Dee's official myspace.

--- ALEISTER X --- Andrew first heard Aleister's music through their mutual friend, Spencer Sweeney - the result was darkness at first listen. A man of the world and a multi-talented artist, Aleister X makes music that defies classification. Incredibly intricate soundscapes of language, tone, and rhythm seep into your soul and refuse to leave. When Andrew finally met Aleister in New York City in 2008, they began working together on a variety of musical recordings. So far, Andrew has done production and mixing work for Aleister's "Bangers And Beans" and "The Git" EP releases, as well as Aleister's "Black Skull Music Mixtape", which is currently available for free download HERE. Aleister's full length album, "Half Speed Mastered" is scheduled for release on February 19th, 2013, having been mixed by Andrew. Of working with Aleister, Andrew has this to say: "It's been an incredibly intense experience. He's absolutely one of the greatest lyricists and melody makers I've ever encountered. Amazing riffs, amazing phrases, amazing visions and imaginings... It's been powerful and life-changing to explore his shadow powers." ***Click HERE to watch the Aleister X music videos.***

--- LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY --- Andrew's first production project in his new studio was the Grammy nominated album, "REPENTANCE", for Grammy winning reggae pioneer, Lee "Scratch" Perry. The majority of the recording was completed in New York City and in Anaheim, California in 2007. Before recording the music, Andrew initially recorded Lee's lead vocal sessions, of which Andrew says: "I've become changed. Lee is a magician. I feel incredibly blessed to be in the same in room as Mr. Perry, to listen to him, to watch him - let alone having the opportunity to make music with him. I think Lee is all." About the upcoming album, Lee Perry says: "It's going to be classic to keep current fans on the edge of their seat but also reach out to a whole new fan base. The album will prove to be more relevant than ever." ***CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT LEE PERRY***

--- SIGHTINGS --- Andrew contributed production efforts to the 6th album by the psychadelic rock group, SIGHTNGS, entitled, "Through The Panama". The Brooklyn based three-piece band recorded the album in Hoboken, New Jersey and Manhattan, New York. The album will be released on October 23, 2007 by Load Records and Ecstatic Peace. Sightings formed in New York City in 1997 with Mark Morgan (guitar and vocals) and John Lockie (drums). A year later, they met bassist Richard Hoffman and the power trio has remained consistent ever since (read more about the group's start HERE). The band has released 5 albums and several EP's in their 10 year career, and has toured North America, Europe, and Japan. Sightings will tour Europe and the U.S. in 2007 and 2008. Music critic Adam Strohm writes, "Caterwauling sheets of guitar sizzle through the muck of the subsonic bass and drums while the unintelligibly screamed vocals flesh out the assault." ***CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT SIGHTINGS***

--- TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN L.A. --- T.L.A.S.I.L.A. is a musical collective lead by Tom Smith, along with founding members Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra and Ben Wolcott. Andrew co-produced the T.L.A.S.I.L.A. album, "Noon And Enternity" with longtime noise-rock gadfly Don Fleming (who also co-produced "Close Calls With Brick Walls" with Andrew). The album was recorded at Lee Ranaldo's Echo Canyon studio and Andrew's own personal studio. Music critic Raymond Cummings says, "Tom Smith and Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra excitedly cut, spliced, layered, and perverted found and copyrighted audio source material, Smith's vocals, and whatever else they could get their hands on, into FM-dial-gone-loco nightmare quagmires. Naming themselves after a Ron Jeremy skin flick and issuing debut recordings in the early '90s, the duo wasted no time alienating just about everybody who heard them; their brutal machinations felt out of place in that era's grundge/alt-rock landscape, en route to its present, iconoclastic-influence status." ***CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN L.A.*** - Click HERE to get your copy of "Noon And Eternity".

--- WOLF EYES --- One of Andrew's earlier production experiences was working with the band Wolf Eyes. Andrew went to high school with Wolf Eyes founder, Nate Young, at Ann Arbor, Michigan's Community High School. During these years, Andrew also befriended Aaron Dilloway, who had been living in the nearby town of Brighton, Michigan and had recently moved to Ann Arbor. In 1999, Nate and Aaron moved to New York and recorded the EP "Fortune Dove" with Andrew as producer. Andrew was never an official member of Wolf Eyes, and wanted the group to join him and form a new band, originally called "Women" and then "Mini Systems" (which was the name of a band Nate had in Ypsilanti, Michigan with Tony Miller - aka Tony Connelly). ***CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT WOLF EYES***

Andrew has also contributed to:

Song: "House of The Rising Sun"
Year/Label: 2012/Prerecordings/Our Sweetest Songs
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Producing, Mixing, Drums, Bass Guitar, Keyboard

Song: "Earthquakey People ft. Rivers Cuomo"
Year/Label: 2011/Dim Mak
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Remixing

Song: "WERK" Remix w/ Princess Superstar
Year/Label: 2011/Steev Mike
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Remixing, Additional Recording

Song: "My Town"
Year/Label: 2011/A&M/Octone
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Remixing, Additional Instruments

Song: "House Party"
Year/Label: 2010/Atlantic Records
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Remixing, Additional Recording, Vocals

Song: "Like It's Her Birthday"
Year/Label: 2010/Capitol Records
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Remixing

Album: "Anok Pe: Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain"
Year/Label: 2009/Coptic Cat/Durtro
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Electric Bass Guitar, Piano, and Vocals

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Album: "Dancing In A Minefield EP"
Year/Label: 2008/Tommy Boy
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Remix "How We Roll - Back In Time"

Links: Plushgun Wikipedia -- Plushgun Official Myspace -- Plushgun Official Website

*** Listen to the "How We Roll - Back In Time Remix" HERE ***

Album: "Birth Canal Blues STUDIO/LIVE"
Year/Label: 2008/Durtro
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Electric Bass Guitar on LIVE tracks

Links: Current 93 Wikipedia -- Current 93 Official Myspace

Album: "MC Chris Is Dead"
Year/Label: 2008/iTunes
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Vocals on "Never Give Up"

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Album: "Heart Of The Sun"
Year/Label: 2008/Durtro
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Remixing and additional instruments on "At Dawn (Vogel)"

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Links: Pantaleimon Official Site -- Pantaleimon Myspace

Album: "Safe Inside The Day"
Year/Label: 2008/Drag City
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Electric bass guitar and drums

Video: Andrew W.K. interviews Baby Dee for Fader Magazine

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Album: "We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love"
Year/Label: 2007/Fat Possum
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Remixing on "Dethbryte"

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Album: "Electricite"
Year/Label: 2007/Mike Pachelli
Contributions: Andrew W.K. - Piano

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