Totally Stupid: In-Depth Song Analysis

Do you love Andrew's music? There is a reason why, and we have a treat for you! It's a section by section analysis of Andrew's stupidest party song, "Totally Stupid", from Andrew's second album, "THE WOLF".

Read it here: #3:Totally Stupid, by Grant Valdes.

Check out some more commentary at the A.W.K. Message Board.

"Religious undertones:

This piece gains effectiveness through its almost subliminal resemblance to a Christian service.

Both organ and a choir feature prominently. The secondary vocals resemble a choir more than a mere grouping of overdubs by means of a distant production style suggestive of a cathedral setting (heavy reverb; little stereo separation), the presence of both men and women, and the way the vocals interact with the lead vocal part."

Read Grant Valdes's full breakdown HERE!

This news item was posted on: May 27, 2011

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