REVIEW: Andrew Brings His Power of Partying tour to Colorado

Partying is powerful: An evening with Andrew W.K. at the Gothic | HeyReverb | By Amy McGrath

I went to check out Andrew W.K.’s “The Power of Partying” speaking event at the Gothic Theater on Tuesday night because, frankly, I’ve been depressed as hell about the presidential election and the current state of affairs in this country. I wondered if Andrew — a musician, TV personality, advice columnist and professional partier — might offer a kernel of wisdom that would help reframe things for me.

Though he never once mentioned politics and nobody from the audience brought it up, the powerful intellect and deep empathy of the chairman of the Party Party delivered.

“I’m a professional partier but an amateur human being,” W.K. said during the evening’s introduction. He explained that the event was designed as an opportunity for “cheerleading and group therapy” before launching in to a brief explanation of his life philosophy: party. For Andrew WK, a party is the simple act of coming together as humans to celebrate and support each other, and even though Tuesday night’s event was unusually sedate for a Gothic Theater show, it still absolutely felt like a party.

There was nothing saccharine about his optimism, and the conversation frequently turned to existential pain, the fear and dread that so many experience so often. “I have myself struggled with these issues — today, in fact,” W.K. said to an audience member who asked about how to survive the effects of mental illness and depression. He has chosen to use these challenges as an “excruciating lesson” in figuring out how to minimize hopelessness and depression, he said, and to commit to finding joy. And to party.

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Photos by Michael McGrath

This news item was posted on: October 17, 2016

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