PREVIEW: Philadelphia Gets Ready to Party with Andrew

Interview: Andrew W.K. | RiotNerd | By Megan Hawkey

Motivational speaker, Vice columnist, Cartoon Network regular and New York nightclub entrepreneur Andrew W.K. is back! But did he ever really go away? A near omnipresent figure in certain circles of counterculture, it’s almost impossible to believe that he hasn’t released a record in over 10 years and hasn’t toured behind his hard rockin’ party metal musical first love in over 15! Remedying that grievous error, W.K. is mounting a large scale, full band US tour this fall ahead of a highly anticipated comeback record. What makes the man who does what he likes and likes what he does tick? Let’s find out together…

On party questions…

Andrew W.K is surprisingly not tired of partying or party questions. He thinks party questions count as partying!

On his side line in motivational speaking…

His mission in music is to generate an energetic feeling, which is also helpful in motivational speaking so it went kind of hand in hand. In fact, the motivational speaking started through interviews. He noticed he was expressing this positivity during interviews and realized it was something he enjoyed doing.

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This news item was posted on: August 15, 2017

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