NPR: Andrew W.K.'s New Single "Is A Glorious Statement Of Purpose"

Andrew W.K.'s First Song In Nearly A Decade Is A Glorious Statement Of Purpose | NPR | By Lars Gotrich

Andrew W.K. is eternally game. At a recent show in Washington, D.C. to soft-launch a new venue as a secret guest, he was given the daunting task of performing to a crowd that had largely never heard "Party Hard" or "She Is Beautiful," which is wild to think about — until you remember those songs came out 17 years ago. The fans lucky enough to score a ticket knew what to do, but everyone else stood slack-jawed. But as the evening went on, arms became uncrossed, fists were thrust into the air, and, as he does, Andrew W.K. won over the Doubting Thomases of Rock Glory.

This is Andrew W.K.'s not-so-secret weapon: unrelenting, over-the-top, three-guitar-loud positivity. He won't make you have a good time, but the singer, songwriter, advice columnist and motivational speaker wants to create an environment that celebrates all forms of partying, even the quiet ones.

Among that career-spanning set list, the band played "Music Is Worth Living For." It not only stood out as a new song, but a thrilling reexamination of Andrew W.K.'s roots, redoubling the anthemic power of The Wolf with fireworks for hooks. His band, featuring new members, has never sounded better, a technicolor bifrost for Andrew W.K. to gallop at full speed, his voice commanding a legion to party.

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This news item was posted on: January 12, 2018

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