INTERVIEW: Andrew Talks to AltPress About His First Two Full-Lengths Getting the Colored Vinyl Treatment

Andrew W.K. Keeps the Party Going With ‘I Get Wet,’ ‘The Wolf’ Reissues | AltPress

Andrew W.K., the rock monster who made wearing all white all year downright mandatory, let alone fashionable, is rereleasing his first two albums this Friday, July 19, on Enjoy The Ride Records.

His debut album, 2001’s I Get Wet, will be on colored vinyl in a gatefold edition. It will feature a spot gloss finish over W.K.’s bloody face to make it look even gnarlier. There will be four vinyl color variants of I Get Wet: red with black smoke (exclusive to; clear with red splatter (exclusive to Bull Moose and Zia Records), black and bone white split with blood splatter (directly from and classic black (available in worldwide retail).

2003’s The Wolf will have completely new artwork by Josh Bodwell, known for his photorealist work and Epic Ink appearances. The vinyl color variants will be clear with black swirl ( exclusive) and a “wolf silver swirl” pressing ( exclusive).

W.K.’s infectious positivity continues to burn brighter than a July sun. And in a world where a lot of artists want to go back to their original recordings and fix things, his attitude about his work remains as proud as ever.

I love both I Get Wet and The Wolf more than ever,” he tells AP. “Even more than when they were first recorded. I don’t take this for granted. Perhaps it’s a type of unconditional love. In some regards, I don’t have specific thoughts or feelings about these albums except for total love. In most cases, I don’t have an opinion about my work once it’s complete. I do the best I can to make the partiest music I can. Then I make more.”

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This news item was posted on: July 18, 2019

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