Andrew Talks To Stereogum About "I Get Wet" Reissue, Bronies, Comic-Con, And More

Andrew talks to Stereogum in a new feature length Q&A about comics, reissuing I Get Wet, making new music, and what it means to become an official “Brony.” Enjoy an excerpt below and continue reading the full article here.

STEREOGUM: I was just looking at your website and there is so much stuff happening on there! You stay insanely busy.

W.K.: Well, it’s loaded up. It’s summer, lots of excitement.

STEREOGUM: I know the tenth anniversary reissue of I Get Wet comes out this month. What else have you been working on?

W.K.: Yes, that was quite a big project in terms of assembling the artwork and packaging. I’m still working on that packaging this week, not so much the printed artwork but there are 500 copies of this reissue that is a special limited edition. We are doing a 2-disc CD set or a 2-LP vinyl gatefold. Both of them are really nice in terms of the packaging they come with posters and lots of extras and things like that. But this week I’m specifically focusing on these 500 limited copies that come with an air freshener that is shaped like a bloody nose and some signed stuff. And then, a special something — an unpredictable gift and something very personal -– each one will have one. It could be a lock of my hair, a hangnail –- it will be put in a little plastic bag of course so it doesn’t get lost and it will also be autographed. I mean, I can’t autograph some of the stuff because its so small. Or things like, you know, crumbs. Well, ideally they will not be perishable things but definitely personal things. They’ll be little things too, you know, a photo, travel memorabilia, stuff from the tour. I have to come up with 500 things so it’s going to be all kinds of stuff. What else? We just finished a music video so I’m also working on that this week –- the sound effects for the music video. That’s really just these last two, three days. Also working on Santos Party House. Otherwise, we just did a big world tour. It took about four months. We started in March and went through to June and we have been doing special one off festival dates and things like that. We just got back from Comic-Con.

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This news item was posted on: August 15, 2012

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