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April 30th, 2015

Hi Andrew,

I've been talking to a girl for about a month now, and I'm really getting feelings for her. Compared to other girls, she really makes me happy to be me. I feel like she's the one. I asked her to the prom with me and she said yes, as long as it wouldn't be too romantic.

Now, to understand where I'm going with this, you have to understand that I met this girl through my mom. My mom is a hairstylist and this girl works at her salon.

One day, I got a text message from my mom telling me that this girl has no romantic interest in me at all. Now I'm extremely confused and don't know what to do about the prom. Please, Andrew. I need your help.

Your pal,
Broken-Hearted Buddy

Dear Broken-Hearted Buddy,

It's going to be OK. I realize how much this can hurt. It's a physical feeling that starts with an ache in your chest and runs all the way down to your stomach and then to your throat and settles in your face. It just so happens that I've been in this exact situation before.

When I was in high school, there was this really beautiful and amazing girl named Becky that I had a huge, huge crush on. I wasn't very popular with her circle of friends, but I did everything I could to try and be around her without seeming creepy. She got a lot of attention from older guys I couldn't really compete with. They were tough and intense, and I knew I could never impress her or get her attention like they did. But I just liked her so much.

Around that same time, I had bought a small accordion and was trying to learn how to play it on my own. I'd hang out in the art class room during lunch break and quietly practice and also work on drawings and assorted school projects. I remember one day going in and seeing Becky eating her lunch in the art room with some of her intense friends. I set up on the other side of the room to work on my accordion and art projects, secretly hoping she would somehow notice me. At some point, all her friends left and she ended up staying in the room. I didn't realize it was just the two of us until she came over and shocked me by saying hello.

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This news item was posted on: May 01, 2015

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