3OH!3 & A.W.K.

The hard partying duo, 3OH!3, invited Andrew to do a rock remix their new song, "HOUSE PARTY" - listen to the result HERE!

Andrew met 3OH!3 at a house party in Memphis. The party was a combination 21st birthday party, and a spring break party and Andrew immediately bonded with the scene.

The "HOUSE PARTY" remix is also available on Andrew's official Myspace page.

Andrew says: "I'm totally psyched to party with 3OH!3 and rock the hell out of this remix! I love their "House Party" tune - it's heavy as a sack of ice! Together, we are spreading the party vibes around the world."

Tell your friends about the song, and spread the word around town! Throw a house party of your own and rock out! Visit 3OH!3 official website HERE.

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