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December 10th, 2011

The Music Box

1027 Piety Street
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70117

WHAT: Andrew will be performing as part of the orchestra at The Music Box - a musical architecture installation in New Orleans!

WHEN: Saturday, December 10, 2011. Doors at 6:30pm.

WHERE: The Music Box - 1027 Piety Street. New Orleans, 70117

Andrew will be performing as part of the orchestra in the final performance of Swoon's The Music Box - A Shantytown Sound Laboratory. The evening will be conducted by local noise hero, Quintron, who also happens to be one of Andrew's early influences and good friend.


The Brooklyn-based artist Swoon is bringing a landmark permanent sculpture to the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. This structure is a “sound laboratory” and resembles a shantytown of interconnected, tool-shed-sized structures. Made from scavenged local materials, each shack houses an experimental instrument, from an organ staircase to a rocking-chair harp to a “voxmurum,” whose pre-programmed sound pedals jut out from wooden paneling and conjure the whispers of neighbors heard through the wall. This fall Swoon and friends will debut prototypes in a temporary installation called THE MUSIC BOX, A Shantytown Sound Laboratory.

TICKETS: There are no online tickets. Presale tickets are available at The Music Box during opening hours (12-5pm) the weekend before the show. People coming from out of town can email for assistance:

Articles on The Music Box can be read in the The New York Times, Huffington Post and artnet Magazine.

For more information on The Music Box click HERE.