Tour: Lectures

March 12th, 2007


154 West 29th Street/n
New York City, New York, 10001


Andrew W.K. brings himself, and his "thoughts", back to The PIT, for an encore 3 part series of weekly lectures.

Mondays, March 12 -- March 19 -- March 26 -- 2007.

The PIT is located in New York City - 154 West 29th Street, NY NY, 10001 - (212) 563-7488.
Each lecture begins at 7PM and goes until ? Each night is $10. Tickets available HERE.

Andrew has decided to open up the playing field up even wider in order to converse even more directly with members of the audience. "I guess you could say, I'm reaching out and pulling in", says Andrew. Each night will be dedicated to a "question and answer" format, where those present may ask Andrew questions and collaborate in the night - it will be an evening of ?

Andrew has insisted this forum be broad enough to include every possible topic and every possible person. Participants are encouraged to come. "We're talking about being us."