PARTY ADVICE: I Took His Virginity, Now What?

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January 22nd, 2014

Dear King of Party,

Like many female Angelenos, I like to frequent dating websites. That's where I met this banging Anarcho-Punk dude--let's call him Ted. We hit it off and went on a few dates. He's in his late twenties, has a job, and seems like a total babe. We ended up going back to my place one night, and before you know it, we were in the sack and having the most mundane sex anyone's ever had. Afterwards, he rolled over and became visibly upset. I asked him what's wrong, and what came out of his mouth sent me careening into a black hole of immediate anxiety. "I'm a virgin," he said. Maybe that's not as big of a deal as I thought it was. He spent the night and the next morning I told him I had work. I've been casually blowing him off ever since. Now he's Snapchatting me 24/7 in a desperate attempt to get my attention. What do I do!?

The Virginity Taker

Dear Virginity Taker,

You owe it to this guy to stop blowing him off and to at least talk to him. You don't have to date him again, but at least tell him that you appreciate his honesty, and feel for his situation, but don't want a relationship. It'll suck for him to be turned away, but he'll get over it and move on. And it will suck how uncomfortable it might get, but you'll also get over it and feel better that you dealt with it instead of putting it off...

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This news item was posted on: January 22, 2014