Mind Melting "Hxllywxxd Signs" Party Video From Aleister X

Andrew is obsessed with (and possessed by) international multimedia ringmaster, Aleister X, and is releasing his first proper full-length album, "Half-Speed Mastered." Set to be released on February 19th, 2013 via Andrew’s Steev Mike record label, Aleister just kicked out another amazing hand-made video in anticipation of the record - his powerfully strange and slightly NSFW video for the song "Hxllywxxd Signs."

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LISTEN HERE // Brand new, exclusive radio interview with Aleister X from East Village Radio! This is the complete audio archive of the radio broadcast from East Village Radio's "Gay Beach" show with host, Ted Shumaker. Aleister's interview segment beings in the last 1/4 of the broadcast.

Listen to an exclusive interview with Aleister on Fearless Radio - streaming audio here.

Enjoy a great preview feature of "Half-Speed Mastered" via Meets Obsession Magazine below along with an in-depth interview with Live High Five and preview articles from Ghettoblaster, BANDMINE, and more!

“He's absolutely one of the greatest lyricists and melody makers I've ever encountered. Amazing riffs, amazing phrases, amazing visions and imaginings... It's been powerful and life-changing to explore his shadow powers.” —Andrew W.K.

Aleister X has announced a February 19 release date for his first proper full-length, Half-Speed Mastered, to come out via Andrew W.K.’s Steev Mike label. Along with this announcement, Aleister X is unleashing a new song, “Hxllywxxd Signs,” online today. Combining elements of pop, dub, rap, all manner of good rock, and experimental music, Half-Speed Mastered takes Aleister X’s amalgamation of music and dark humor to a new level.

With song titles to include the aforementioned “Hxllywxxd Signs,” as well as “Malibu,” “LAX” and “Topanga Strangla,” a theme becomes evident throughout the entire album. Aleister X says of the concept, “It’s meant to be a contemporary L.A. noir love affair. I love the Hollywood dark-side-of- Tinseltown vibe as well as the iconic images of bungalows, canyon houses, swimming pools and cars, weirdos, the “Boogie Nights” to "Bang Bus"-era porn industry, and Rad Culture - surfing, skateboarding, beach culture, punk, surf rock, stoner rock, west coast rap, rock and psychedelia; all the cool Southern California shit.”

Layering live instrumentation, big vocals, and samples as well as visuals into his live performance, Aleister X’s multi-media head-fuckery has spread organically worldwide. W.K. has released and co-produced two Aleister X EPs on the Steev Mike label, including 2009’s Bangers and Beans and 2010’s The Git. A hefty mixtape followed called, Black Skull Music, as well as two other EPs, respectively titled DUB and Thong Beach, both materializing in 2012 on the Sonny Midnite Music label.

Besides his notorious live NYC appearances, Aleister X has toured Australia, Canada, the U.K. and recently opened shows on Andrew W.K’s “Ten Years of Partying” 2012 US tour. Half-Speed Mastered will be available in CD, vinyl and digital formats. Pre-order info can be found on: http://aleisterx.com/ and a video for “LAX” will be premiering shortly.

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This news item was posted on: February 07, 2013