Andrew Visits Spinner Headquarters And Talks About "I GET WET" and more

Andrew stopped by the Spinner offices in New York City to talk about the 10th Anniversary of his debut album "I GET WET," how to keep the party going, and more. Enjoy an excerpt below and continue reading here.

Andrew W.K. is looking out the window of our office at the street below through his dark sunglasses, remarking on how he used to live nearby. When we ask that he sit down on our leather sofa for our interview, he claims he'll sweat on it too much. So we wait.

Even at 1 in the afternoon, Mr. Party himself is ready for a fiesta. W.K.'s signature stains are already holding a table for two around his arm pits, while his white denim jeans carry the grime of New York streets.

It's been 10 years since Andrew released his major-label debut, I Get Wet, which launched the long-haired, fist-pumping fiend into rock stardom. W.K. has experienced a lot over the past decade, and he's ready to celebrate it all with this special anniversary.

"I see it a bit like celebrating the invention of, uh, I don't know, the telephone. Or the invention of maybe the computer or something," W.K. says of his freshman album.

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This news item was posted on: September 06, 2012