ADVICE: Should I Experiment With The Same Sex?

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January 29th, 2014

Dear Mister Double You Kay,

For most of my life I've identified as a straight male, but for some reason, I've been wanting to experiment with the same sex. I still find women attractive, but I've always had that "what if" question in the back of my mind about men. Do you offer any advice on this?

- Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

It seems like there's a spectrum of personal sexual preference that goes from extremely heterosexual on one end, all the way to extremely homosexual on the other end. But I imagine most people don't fall all the way to one side or another, even if they choose to live that way. For lots of people, it's a big spiral of feelings and ideas--not just a simple "this" or "that."

The good thing is, only you can tell what interests you, and you don't have to put a label on those feelings. You don't have to identify as a "straight male" or "gay" or "bisexual." You can just be yourself and move through this world in a way that celebrates it. That's partying...

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This news item was posted on: January 29, 2014