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May 7th, 2014

Dear Andrew,

I've been living in NYC for a couple of years now, and my small-town country-living parents are coming to visit me. They hate the big city -- they say it's too crowded, too loud, too expensive, too EVERYTHING. But I love it here and want them to see what I see in it. Any idea what I can do to make them love this city as much as I do?

- Big City Bull

Dear Big City Bull,

One of my best friends is from a small town in Texas. He travels constantly and has been all over the world. He's spent a lot of time in big cities, including New York. One visit, when he was staying in Manhattan for a few days, he invited his parents to come visit and see the Big Apple for the first time. Reluctantly, his parents agreed and got a room in a hotel near Times Square.

Even though my friend doesn't live in NYC full time, he's familiar with the different neighborhoods and really wanted to give his parents a taste of what New York has to offer. On the first night, my friend made dinner reservations at a legendary one-of-a-kind Italian cafe in Greenwich Village. He figured they could walk from the hotel and see all of the sights as they built up their appetites on the way. After about three blocks, his parents started asking, "How much further?" and "Why are we walking?" only to gasp when he said it was about 40 more blocks. They refused to walk any longer, so my friend suggested they take the subway, for speed and for the experience. They refused, citing filth and danger and insisted on taking a taxi instead.

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